I went through menopausal 10 years ago. The typical symptoms are gone but vaginal dryness and the irritation it brings was a real problem for me. And compounded by the fact that my husband has erectile dysfunction due to prostate cancer, intercourse was difficult for us. Since my Mona Lisa procedure I am experiencing vaginal lubrication like I have not had in 10 years. And we were able to have successful intercourse after the 2nd treatment without messy gels or creams!


My doctor was Dr. Bloise he retired and since I have seen Dr. Simon and Susan Frost (Nurse Practitioner)
Everyone that I have seen at this OBGYN have been wonderful, kind and caring.
My relationships with this OBGYN started in 2000 when I moved to Columbus.
Columbus Obstetricians Gynecologists, Inc. is great!

Angie Jenkins

I have been a patient of Dr. Simon for 28 years. He is the most caring, compassionate physician I have ever encountered. He carried me through 2 miscarriages and delivered my 2 beautiful daughters. He has always gone the extra mile. I’ve seen a couple other doctors in the practice also and all of them have been awesome, most recently being Dr. Hahn. Thank you to the entire organization for your care and compassion.

Carla M

I just want to thank Dr. Ezzie for being the most wonderful doctor I ever had. She helped me get through the most painful experience of my life at 17. Now at 21 I still request her over anyone else! Her caring got me through it and knowledgement helped me learn I am not alone.

Rebekah A.

I want to sing the praises of two excellent doctors at Columbus OB GYN: Dr. Green and Dr. Weprin
I have been a patient of Dr. Green for several years. He recently removed some cysts I had in the office. He was very gentle and continually asking if I felt any pain. After the procedure he stressed that I should take it easy for a few days and to call him immediately if I had any bleeding. Several days later I did some lifting and that night started bleeding. I called the office and spoke to the doctor on call, Dr. Weprin. He instructed me to go to the ER. At Mt. Carmel East ER the doctor on duty could not get the bleeding to stop and called in Dr. Weprin. He came promptly and under less than optimal circumstances was able to suture the spot where an artery was continually spurting blood. He was successful in stopping the bleeding and as a precaution had me admitted for 23 hour observation to make sure the bleeding was in check. He returned the next morning and after examining me I was released to go home. He stressed that I should take it easy the next week. I certainly didn’t want a recurrence of the bleeding, so I did. I saw Dr. Green for a recheck two weeks later. He shared with me the conversations between he and Dr. Weprin about what transpired during my ER visit. Having doctors who are communicating and working together for your good health and healing is what we all hope for. Cudos COLUMBUS OB GYN!

Vicki West

I want to say what a great doctor and person Dr. Alan Sacolick is and has been in my life. I met Dr. Sacolick 30 years ago when i was having irregular cycles, i was married and trying to conceive with no luck, he was very caring and took the time to find out what the problem was, i later conceived and was very happy and thankful to Dr. Sacolick, i now have 8 beautiful children thanks to this wonderful doctor, many of my friends and family see doctor Sacolick and my daughter will soon be seeing him too. I would recommend Dr. Sacolick to anyone needing a great OB/GYN, and i just want to say thank you to him and his wonderful staff for everything they are such great caring people.

Ann A

I just wanted to say what an amazing experience I have had with Dr.Charles. I was having difficulty getting pregnant and needed to switch OB’s due to my previous doctor no longer caring for OB patients and I was referred to Dr.Charles by a coworker. It was the best decision I could have ever made! I truly believe her patience and understanding and willingness to listen helped me to get pregnant with my beautiful daughter! She was also extremely pleasant to work with and incredibly caring while helping me through a somewhat difficult pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new OB/GYN!

Becky S

Dr. Lucas has been my ob/gyn for 33 years. Through 3 pregnancies, menopause, etc. she has been just wonderful. Two of my daughters now go to Columbus Ob/gyn for prenatal care for their pregnancies.

Janisse W.

I want to say how great and compassionate Dr. Simon is. I have been a patient of his for years. During those years, he has always made me feel like he truly cared about me as a patient. He listens and he really goes the extra mile. I truly am thankful that he has been there for me all these years and is truly a great doctor.

Also, I want to thank the mammogram department. So much care and kindness is always shown to me where I go there each year. The technician is so caring and she has such a great personality. She puts you at ease immediately.


I do want to take just a moment to say how wonderful it has been being a patient with Dr. Simon and his staff. Even though you are a large group, I always felt so personally cared for. Dr. Simon is warm and caring and his staff seems to be just the same–all so friendly, sincere and so inspiring of trust. Thank you so much. I will miss coming to see all of you.

Sincerely, Karen