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Welcome to Columbus OB/GYN, where we offer a variety of trusted gynecological services. We want you to feel comfortable and at peace from the moment you walk in the door. Our doctors are knowledgeable and experienced, helping you feel at ease through every step of the appointment. 

Our comprehensive gynecology services include routine visits and examinations, diagnostic testing and treatments, sexual health management, contraception and family planning, and pregnancy care. We also help manage menopause and perform relevant surgical procedures. 

Our gynecologists work hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals, like obstetricians, urologists, and oncologists, to offer comprehensive care for women’s reproductive health. 

Some of the procedures we offer include the following:

We address concerns related to abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain, providing comprehensive evaluations to diagnose the root of the issue and offer necessary treatment plans.
We offer birth control counseling services to provide guidance on various contraceptive methods, so you can make informed decisions based on your preferences, lifestyle, and reproductive goals.
We prioritize regular breast health screenings and mammograms to detect any signs of breast abnormalities and ensure early detection of cancer. Our regular screenings promote breast health and offer peace of mind.
We specialize in diagnosing and managing conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids, offering personalized treatment options to alleviate symptoms, improve fertility, and enhance your quality of life.
Our expert team can guide you through comprehensive family planning. We present options to help you make informed decisions about contraception, fertility, and reproductive goals.
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We provide comprehensive gynecological exams, including pelvic examinations and screenings, to monitor reproductive health, detect potential abnormalities, and ensure early intervention.
Our team can guide you through hormone replacement therapy options for individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances. We strive to alleviate symptoms, improve well-being, and enhance your overall quality of life.
Our gynecology services address the unique needs of individuals going through menopause, offering support, guidance, and treatment options to manage symptoms and facilitate a smooth transition.
We offer specialized care for osteoporosis, including bone density screenings and personalized treatment plans to manage and prevent further bone loss.
We provide compassionate care for urinary incontinence. We offer diagnostic evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and support to improve bladder control and enhance your overall quality of life.
Visiting a gynecologist is a necessary step to take care of your physical, mental, and reproductive health.

We want to make the visit as noninvasive and comfortable as possible. Step through the doors of our office and know you are in a safe place where you can ask questions, share concerns, and get answers.