Practice History

Columbus Obstetricians – Gynecologists, Inc., more commonly known as Columbus OB-GYN, has a rich history, tracing its roots back to the 1920’s when Dr. Herman Koerper began delivering babies at Mount Carmel West Hospital.  Dr. Robert Daley joined Dr. Koerper after completing his residency training at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Daley later became one of the founding members of the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Columbus OB-GYN Society serving as its first President.

During World War II and for many years after, Columbus OB-GYN became the home base in Central Ohio for Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our physicians were frequently called upon to assist with difficult deliveries at hospitals throughout Ohio because of their expertise in obstetrics.  During this busy time, the practice took on their next partner, Dr. Wendell Scott, in 1947. He retired from the practice in 1976 and served as Chief of Gynecology at the Student Health Service at The Ohio State University for the next ten years.  In 1952, Drs. Daly and Scott welcomed Dr. Harry Ezell, a Texas native, who had completed residency at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Ezell retired in 1985 after having served as OB-GYN Department Chairman, Program Chairman and Board Member of Mount Carmel West Hospital.

In 1960, Dr. James Beattie joined the practice, followed by Dr. Robert Brannon, who joined in 1961.  Both doctors are no longer in practice.

In 1971, Dr. Ralph Ballenger joined the practice where he also served as Program Chairman for the OSU-Mount Carmel residency teaching program.  Dr. Ballenger retired in December, 2013.   Also in the 1970’s, Columbus OB-GYN added Dr. Larry Simon in 1975 as well as Drs. Charles Caranna in 1976 and Dennis Blose in 1977.  Doctors Caranna and Blose have since retired, but Dr. Simon continues to see gynecology patients in our offices.

In 1981, Dr. Janet Lucas became a partner with Columbus OB-GYN.  Dr. Lucas became the first board certified female OB-GYN physician in Columbus, Ohio and still sees gynecology patients.

In 1985, Dr. James Beattie, son of one of our early partners, joined Columbus OB-GYN.  In 1988, Dr. Alan Sacolick joined our group. Later, in 1995, Dr. Dorrie Friday joined Columbus OB-GYN, followed by Dr. Julie Jones in 1998.

In the early 2000’s Columbus OB-GYN grew rapidly bringing Drs. Harold Green, Laura Houser, Marcia Summers, Madhuri Kurup, Erin Olah, Christina Charles, Mollie Ezzie, and Marko Klisovic (who retired from the practice in August, 2013) into our practice.  In November of 2013 Doctors Spahn and Powell (re)joined our practice and are currently serving patients at our London office.  Our newest additions to the COG family are Dr. Justin Weprin who joined in August, 2013, and Dr. Bethany Hahn who came on in December, 2013.

To expand health care choices for our patients, Susan Frost and Sandra Wigen complement our services as Certified Nurse Practitioners.

Columbus OB-GYN has been a leader in womens’ health with many firsts for Columbus, Ohio.  As mentioned above, Columbus OB-GYN had, as one of its partners, the first female OB-GYN in Columbus.  On January 2, 1962, Columbus OB-GYN became the first physician-owned corporation in Ohio.  We were also the first practice to offer in-office Mammography and Bone Density testing for Central Ohio patients.

Our physicians have been recognized by their peers by being elected to various leadership positions.  Dr. Daly, Dr. Ezell, Dr. Ballenger, Dr. Caranna and Dr. Friday have served as past Presidents of the Columbus OB-GYN Society.  Drs. Ballenger, Lucas, Sacolick and Friday have served as OB-GYN Department Chairman at Mount Carmel.  Dr. Friday recently completed her tenure as Chairman of the Clinical Department Council at Mount Carmel and Dr. Blose is now serving as the current Chairman.

With almost 90 years of providing women’s health care to Columbus and surrounding communities, Columbus OB-GYN takes great pride in all of our accomplishments.

Our 18 Physicians and 2 Certified Nurse Practitioners are looking forward to seeing you in one of our seven convenient Central Ohio locations.