The staff and doctors at Taylor Station are truly remarkable. Dr. Green has delivered all three of my children and I couldnt ask for a more caring doctor.

Jaime B.

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful person the mammo tech is. I had a breast cancer scare a year ago and have had two mammos since. Each time I went in, she was very reassuring and supportive – answering any and all questions. I was quite scared during my exams but she put me at ease making the experience a little more bearable. She is a wonderful professional and I hope she never leaves.

Kathy M.

I wanted to give you a sincere thank you for your services. I work in customer service and it is so great to find others that have a positive attitude in the service industry. I appreciate you returning my calls and always following up with me as you promised. Thank you again.

Chanda D.

Dear Doctor: I wanted to thank you so much for being so patient, allowing me to pay my balance in payments. After I was laid off in 2006, it’s been hard playing catch up. I finally was able to get my balance paid though. As of September 22, 2010 I am laid off again, so I definitely will be back to see you, I am just waiting to see if I get hired so I have insurance. I really appreciate your compassion and kindness you showed while I’ve worked through this difficult time.

Sandy M.

Thank you for helping me with getting my prescription sorted out with Medco and CVS. I apologize for the hassle you had to deal with because of my new policy.

I appreciate your time in getting everything figured out for me.

E. Nagy

Dear Dr. Blose:

“Thank you” for your years of service to others. “Thank you” also for everything you have done for me. You gave me life.

I hate to see you retire, but I understand. I always had confidence in you. Tell Cindi she will be missed and I always looked forward to seeing her. I hope you both will enjoy your retirement. “Thank you” again and I’m so glad you were my surgeon and doctor.

“Thanks” to you, Edwin and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary August 13th. I am a very lucky 79 year old!

“Thanks” again.

Becky T.