Columbus OB-GYN would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving- from our family to yours.  In celebration of the holiday, our offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th, and Friday, November 28th.  We will resume normal office hours on Monday, December 1st.

Enjoy this time with family, friends, and loved ones.  We look forward to caring for you soon.

Or is it already here?  Sure, a heavy snowfall in the third week of November is not something most of us prepare for- or even want to think about for that matter!  However, we want you to rest assured that Columbus OB-GYN is prepared for the coming season of inopportune weather.

If for some reason the weather decides to take an inconvenient turn for the worst on the day of your scheduled appointment, and Columbus OB-GYN unfortunately has to close its offices, we have a plan in place.  If you have an appointment scheduled and we close the office, you will receive a phone call in the...

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Columbus OB-GYN wants to thank these two wonderful women for all they do for our practice.  The show would simply not go on without them.  Susie and Sam work hard everyday to help ensure patient-centered care for all of our patients.  We are beyond grateful to have them on our team.


You can always schedule with Susie, or Sam.  Susie...

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When you become pregnant, your doctor may recommend or offer the Tdap vaccination.  The vaccine’s purpose is to prevent tetanus (lock jaw), diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough) – all diseases caused by bacteria.  Although you will reap all the benefits of the vaccine, the most important for you as an expecting mother is the prevention of pertussis.  Pertussis causes severe coughing spells that have the potential to result in difficulty breathing, disturbed sleep, and vomiting.  Dangerous cases can even cause weight loss, fractures of the ribs, and hospitalization due to pneumonia...

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View our video featuring some of Columbus OB-GYN's finest- doctors, employees, and survivors!

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Cancer can sound so limiting.  We allow cancer to control lives, change attitudes, steal happiness, and keep us from laughing.  Whether cancer has touched you personally, or a loved one, chances are, we have all experienced the effects cancer can have on the people that mean the most to us.  Something we often forget, is that the people who have the most control over our lives- are ourselves.  We have the power to influence our own attitude however we wish to do so, and cancer should be no exception.


As a provider in women’s healthcare, we are strong advocates of leading...

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Finding out you’re pregnant sparks a number of emotions- you’re excited, nervous, emotional, and over joyed that you get to bring a new life into the world.  There is so much to think about in preparation for your new bundle of joy, but in the midst of all these sensations and feelings, there is someone you cannot neglect- you!  During your pregnancy, keeping those emotions in check is important, and that all starts with you.


Let’s face it, you’re pregnant and your body is changing on a number of levels- internally and externally.  Regardless of these changes,...

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The benefits of breastfeeding are truly immeasurable.  Although in the long run breastfeeding is rewarding for mother and baby, it can pose a number of challenges.  Believe us, we feel for you! 


Below we have provided an oatmeal cookie recipe that has significant nutritional value for mothers who are breastfeeding.  Even if you don't reap the help-me-produce-more-milk-benefits... at least you have a tasty treat to enjoy!


  • 1 cup of butter, preferably Olivio or another olive oil type butter, one with flaxseed in it which has added health benefits 
  • ...
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Congratulations to all of our mammography departments on recently receiving their American College of Radiology's Accreditation!


All of our mammography facilities have received the presitigious accreditation for their dedication to improving women's health and continuing to strive to provide top notch care to the women they serve.


Schedule your annual, digital mammogram at Mill Run,...

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Jessica Tyree, of London has been a patient of Dr. Powell's for the last five years.  We were happy to present her, and her two little girls (both delivered by Dr. Powell) with a Samsung 8'' tablet!  Congratulations, Jessica, and we hope you and your girls enjoy your new tablet!